An image of a statue of the Venus de Milo and a black and white photograph by the artist Joey Solomon.

An image in landscape orientation composed of two images collaged together. Positioned on the far left, a photograph of a statue of the Venus de Milo from the torso up, faces towards the center of the image. Her white body stands in contrast to a fuchsia colored vertical strip in the background. To the right of this strip, is a black and white photograph by the artist Joey Solomon. He is in a dorm room and reclining back into the arms of another white man, Andy Coombs, who is sitting in a wheelchair, with his legs resting on the bed in front of him. As Andy looks lovingly down at him over his shoulder, Joey gazes directly at us, while the Venus watches him from the side.

"Venus de Milo (Aphrodite from Melos),” ca. 150- 125 BC, Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY;
“Self Portrait with Robert Andy Coombs in My Dorm Room," detail, 2019, © Joey Solomon, Manhattan, New York

Queering the Crip,
Cripping the Queer

An Exhibit on Queer/Disability History, Activism, and Culture

2 September 2022 — 30 January 2023

Opening: 1 September 2022 at 7PM

“Queering the Crip, Cripping the Queer” is the first international exhibit exploring the multiple historical, cultural, and political intersections of queerness and disability. Disability studies scholar Carrie Sandahl, who coined the phrase, writes: “sexual minorities and people with disabilities. … share a history of injustice: both have been pathologized by medicine; demonized by religion; discriminated against in housing, employment, and education; stereotyped in representation; victimized by hate groups; and isolated socially, often in their families of origin.”

Disability and queer histories are similar, if not always parallel. Sometimes queers and the disabled acquiesce to the fantasy of “the ideal body,” but queer/disabled artists mostly counter it. The exhibition is to a large degree curated by queers and people with disabilities; the contemporary artists exhibited largely self-identify as disabled and queer. Sandahl points out, “Those who claim both identities may be best positioned to illuminate their connections, to pinpoint where queerness and ‘cripdom’ intersect, separate and coincide.”

The exhibit includes the work of 24 contemporary international artists whose works speak to the historical themes and objects of the exhibit, and includes a selection of work by artists who created while institutionalized and whose works were collected by the Prinzhorn Collection in Heidelberg, as well as a section on important queer/disabled artist icons Lorenza Böttner, Raimund Hoghe, and Audre Lorde.


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Please wear a medical mask during your visit. Medical masks are required during guided tours.

Exhibit Dates

2 September 2022 — 30 January 2023

Exhibit Opening

1 September 2022 at 7PM


Schwules Museum
Lützowstraße 73
10785 Berlin


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